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Comeco V


Date of Birth: August 26, 2008

Height: 15.2h

Sire: Mistral Top

Dam: Recusa Interagro

Registered with IALHA (11398(P)) and APSL (253765)

Color: Chestnut (e/e A/A nd1/nd1 Gray absent)

Approved for breeding through APSL



Comeco V Story

Comeco V is a beautiful Chestnut Lusitano stallion who was born in the United States and comes from Brazilian bloodlines. His neck set and color make him stand out in any crowd. Comeco is smart and excels in any discipline he is worked in.  He has shown promise as a Level 5 Working equitation horse and also Portuguese bloodless bullfighting due to his incredible speed. He also helped represent his breed this year (2023) in the Rose Parade, with IALHA.

Stud Fee: $1200

Breeding Contract: 

Photos of Comeco V

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